The Barbados Employers’ Confederation has membership of approximately 210 members ranging from micro enterprises (of less than 5 people) to large conglomerates. For easy management of such a vast number of members the Confederation divided its members into various trade groups. These groups are: 

  1. Construction and Allied Services Group
  2. Distribution Group
  3. Garage Group
  4. Manufacturers Group
  5. Hospitality Services Group
  6. Financial Services Group
  7. Ancillary Services
  8. Travel, Utility and Energy Group
  9. Association Members
    • Barbados Agricultural Management Company
    • Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association
    • Barbados Sugar Industry Ltd.
    • Shipping Association of Barbados

BEC Membership Advantages

As a member of BEC you receive many benefits. We provide our members with the following services as part of their membership fee: 

  • Industrial Relations Advice 
  • The interpretation of current labour legislation, regulations and recommendations for good employment 
  • Occupational Health and Safety Advice 
  • Representing employers’ interests in employment issues before Government 
  • Networking with Regional and International Organizations of Employers to develop Best Employer practices for our members 
  • A quarterly newsletter and other publications

Consultancy Fee

The following services attract a consultancy fee:

  • Collective Agreement Negotiations
  • Training
  • Handling grievance or disciplinary matters
  • Matters before the Labour Department
  • Health and Safety Consulting
  • Policy Manual Development; if you wish to learn more about the benefits of being a Member, click here.