OSH Audits

Are you unsure whether you are compliant with the Safety and Health at Work Act or meeting the industry standard best practices? The BEC has developed an OSH Audit service to assist businesses determine their path for continuous improvement. The service utilises the International Labour Organisation Occupational Safety and Health (ILO – OSH) Management System which presents practical approaches and tools for assisting organizations establishment, implementation and improvement of occupational safety and health management, with the aim of reducing work-related injuries and ill health. The guidelines encourage the integration of OSH management system elements as an important component of overall policy and management arrangements.

The OSH Audit includes the following sub services to reach the objective highlighted above.

  1. Review of safety policy and other safety related documentation
  2. Workplace Inspection and Risk Assessment
  3. Gap Analysis based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) OSH standard and the Safety and Health at Work Act.
  4. Development of a road map to meet to address the gaps in your safety and health programme in accordance with the Safety and Health at Work Act and the ILO standard.
  5. Discussion with the Safety Committee and Management on the suggested recommendations and implementation strategy.

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