The BEC is recognized as the collective voice for employers within Barbados. Whether it is to comment on proposed legislation or ensure that the emerging workforce is educated for the advancement of Barbados, the BEC is ready to promote the interests of businesses to facilitate economic development. 

By being a member of the BEC there is an opportunity to state your opinion, inform of potential difficulties and suggest improvements on various issues that affect the business community. This information can then be used to inform decisions at the macro level which impact on all business activity within the country. As an advocate, we represent the employers’ interest on numerous boards and committees, both locally and internationally, some of which are: 

  • Shop Wages Council
  • National Productivity Council
  • National Development Scholarship Committee
  • National HIV/AIDS Commission
  • National Insurance Scheme
  • International Organisation of Employers
  • Caribbean Employers Confederation 
  • National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health

Additionally, we sit as a member of the Barbados Social Partnership through our affiliate, Barbados Private Sector Association. This means we are strategically placed to highlight the issues and concerns of employers on employment related matters.