The Red Book: Guide to Employment Relations in Barbados

The Red Book Cover

The Red Book: A Guide to Employment Relations provides vital information and delves into discussion on areas which are usually problematic for employers and employees. It was compiled using legislation, the social protocols and common industrial relations customs and practices.

Some of the areas examined are: Contracts of employment; Compensation packages; Mandatory deductions from pay and benefits; Application of discipline, and Safety and Health Management, just to name a few. 



What are the Benefits of this Guide?

  • Legal Compliance: When you read a section from the Red Book, you are informed of all relevant labour legislation in an easy to understand format, All sections were compiled using as a primary reference: Labour legislation, including the Employment Rights Act, The Social Protocol and Common Industrial Relations Practices. 
  • Be the employer of choice: The guide provides contemporary business practices and guidelines for the successful implementation of these practices. 
  • Quick Reference to the most frequent Industrial Relations and Human Resource queries: The ten (10) detailed sections of the guide vary from “Contracts of Employment to “Flexible Working Arrangements.” Therefore dependable answers to the most common questions and issues arising in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management can be found in the guide. 
  • Comprehensive resource for managing people: Discipline and Emerging Work Place Issues are just two areas of the many offered in the guide which zero in on areas directly related to the successful management of people and by extension an organization. 


This publication is currently awaiting re-print and will be made available again soon from the Barbados Employers’ Confederation. You may contact us to place your order. 

Telephone: 435-4753

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