Industrial Relations

The BEC assists unionized companies with their labour management relations by negotiating collective agreements, conducting grievance meetings and representing employers at conciliation meetings with the Labour Department. 

For companies that are faced with a recognition claim from a union, our experience can be valuable as we can provide guidance through the process of recognition. 

We will analyze and make recommendations in response to union proposals during collective bargaining, and because of our collective nature we are able to prepare comparative summary reports on clauses contained in collective agreements as well as recent settlements. This information is valuable while preparing for negotiations. Additionally, we are well equipped to assist in the preparation of a new agreement, set of proposals, and how to present them. 

BEC is available to offer services to our members in: 

  • Collective Agreement Negotiations
  • Grievance Handling
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Policy Manual Development
  • Labour Legislation Advice
  • General Industrial Advice
  • General Industrial Relations Consultation
  • Collective Agreements Drafting