Benefits of Membership

Membership with the BEC is a key to significant benefits to your business. Our expert personnel can offer advice on various matters ranging from how to proceed with disciplinary matters, to what the law says on employment issues through our complimentary telephone and email assistance. Immediately you gain discounts on customised or open enrolment training opportunities. By joining the organisation that is most representative of employers within Barbados you will be in a unique position to: 

  • Influence the creation of Industrial Relations Laws and Regulations. 
  • Be more effective through an organization than you would be as an individual 
  • Discover new opportunities for developing your employees. 
  • Keep informed on current Human Resources Practices. 
  • Have timely access to labour market information.

Exploring the Benefits of Membership

To influence the creation of Industrial Relations Laws and Regulations. The BEC is recognised as the organisation most representative of employers within Barbados. In this position, the BEC is regularly consulted and invited to comment on proposed legislation and regulations that affect the labour market. Through the work of the BEC, supported by research and informed by the business community, the interests of employers are articulated to the decision makers and tangible results are realised. Additionally, as a key player in the Barbados Private Sector Association, the BEC plays a critical role in the Social Partnership for which Barbados is world renowned. 

To be more effective through an organization than you would be as an individual The BEC endeavours to address the issues of various industries and sectors in Barbados. As a result, our members are organised within Trade Groups where issues that affect your organisation and others within the same industry can be highlighted and solutions discussed. As a group, you will be more effective in advocating for benefits for your industry. 

To discover new opportunities for developing your employees. The staff of the BEC possesses considerable expertise, and through our regional and international affiliations we are able to access considerable information about the development of the most critical business resource; the people that make up the organization. Our staff members are able to design and deliver customised solutions for staff development in several critical areas, including: 

  • Time Management 
  • Safety & Health & Environment Management 
  • Positive Discipline
  • Rights & Responsibilities 
  • Understanding the Employment Contract
  • Should you need support in critical management areas there is also assistance in the areas of Performance Management Systems, Trade Union relations, adjusting to new legislative requirements and others. 

To be kept informed on current Human Resources Practices. Human Resources Management is a wide and diverse field. Additionally, it is widely recognised that good HRM practices reduces the level of industrial relations grievances. As a BEC member you have access to HRM support through our officers, additionally you will receive regular HRM information on trends and best practice through our regular publication the BEC@Work. We can also facilitate research on specific aspects of human resource management on request. 

To have timely access to labour market information. The BEC is a registered Trade Union under the laws of Barbados, the only one, which seeks to represent the interests of the employers of Barbados. We are the principle actor for employers in their interactions with the employee trade unions, and as such we have primary knowledge of the demands and settlements within the labour market. This business intelligence can be utilised by various businesses to inform their future planning and decision making.