Frequently Asked Questions



Employee Leave & Public Holidays

How do you accurately calculate the holiday entitlement due to an employee who has been terminated, becomes redundant or resigned from the organization?

Do I need to pay employees for public holidays when no work is performed?

How do you treat public holidays that fall during an employee’s vacation?

How many uncertified sick days are employees entitled to per year?

What information must be recorded on a Certificate of Illness?

What do I do when an employee is out of office for an extended period of time on certified sick leave (not resulting from work related injury)?

What is the maximum length of jury leave?



What is the difference between Lay Off and Short time?

Do off days need to be scheduled consecutively?

Can an employee refuse to work on their day of religious worship?

Who is a Domestic Worker?

What is the retirement age in Barbados?

Can an employee apply for early pension from NIS?


Health & Safety

What legislation should I reference for Health & Safety guidance?

What is a Joint Safety Committee and do I need to form one in my business?

Who selects the members of the Joint Safety Committee?

Are employers required to report workplace accidents, and if so, to whom?

Can I discipline an employee who does not follow established Safety & Health rules?


Labour Legislation

What is the Minimum Wage in Barbados?

What is the statutory requirement for days in lieu of overtime payment?

What is the actual status of the Employment Rights Act and when does it become law?

The ERA introduces a certificate of Employment Record, is there a template that can be used?


Termination of Services

What is considered termination of services?

What payments do I need to make to employees that are terminated?

What makes a person entitled to Severance?

Within what time period do I have to pay severance?

What statutory deductions should be made from final payments?

When should an employer issue a Termination Certificate?