The BEC is governed by a Council, similar in nature to a Board of Directors, which is accountable under the Constitution of the organization. Council Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve a tenure of one year. This Council ensures that the organization functions and conducts business in a bona fide manner and seeks to guarantee its success. The Council comprises a President, a first Vice President, a second Vice President, two (2) trustees and includes seventeen (17) members.

The 2016-2017 Council

At the 56th Annual General Meeting of the Barbados Employers Confederation the following officers were elected for the year 2016/2017: 

Mrs. Marguerite Estwick (President)

Mr. Everton Browne (1st Vice President)

Mrs. Lisa Ridley-Paul  (2nd Vice President)

Mr. Ian Gooding-Edghill (Immediate Past President)



Dr. Hensley Sobers 

Dr. Ashwell Thomas 


Trade Group Representatives 

Mrs. Diana Douglas (Ancillary Service Group)

Williams Industries 

Mrs. Samantha Nurse-Butler (Construction Group)
C O Williams Construction Co. Ltd 

Mrs. Kyrel Roach (Retail Trade Group)
Unicomer Limited 

Mr. Glyne Harrison (Financial Services Group)
Barbados Bankers Association

Mr. Windell Rice (Hospitality Services Group)
Terra Caribbean Group (Barbados) Ltd

Mrs. Lisa Ridley-Paul (Manufacturers Group)
Banks Holdings 

Mr. Roger Babooram (Utilities Group)
Barbados Light & Power Company Limited.


Independent Members of Council 

Mrs. Monique Hassell

Ms. Gail Springer
Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association 

Ms. Julia Norville
Barbados Agricultural Management Company 

Mrs. Katherine Farnum
CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank 

Mrs. Jennifer Bradshaw-Wood
Goddard Enterprises Ltd 

Mr. Scott Veira
Shipping Association of Barbados 

Ms. Sharon Jemmott

Mrs. Dawn Jemmot-Lowe
Bank of Nova Scotia



To further improve the efficiency of the BEC various standing committees have been established to perform delegated tasks outlined in their Terms of Reference. Three (3) committees are appointed by the Executive and are responsible for making recommendations in their field of operation and to assist the Secretariat wherever needed. These sub-committees are: 

  1. Finance, Business Management and Corporate Governance

    This committee is responsible for ensuring that the organization maintains a sound financial status ensuring that its assets are always well managed, and seeks to establish new revenue streams. It also promotes the development of a culture of “best practice” and ensures the organization acts in line with the constitution.

  2. Membership Services and Service Excellence

    The main objective of this committee is to maintain and support the existing membership while avidly planning ways to recruit new members. It also ensures that members are well aware of the services offered by the organization as well as to determine emerging needs.

  3. Industrial Relations

    This committee is responsible for discussing legislation and national policies with a view to making recommendations which would aid in the development, growth and protection of employers and employees alike. Its objective is to promote the importance of productivity and acceptable business management practices to the social and economic wellbeing of Barbados.